Success Stories

If you would like to share your success story about an animal adopted from NFHS, please email Cathy at name is Finnigan Mooney
( previously Darius) and I am so happy in my forever home

Sam who is now named Levie, is a very happy kitten, he loves the dogs and playing with his 3 year old brother Vinny especially at 1am. He sleeps and eats all day, and likes to tease his doggy friends because the dogs just want to play but know they will get in trouble. Levie is quit a character but loving his new home and furry friends

Hi there,

Just wanted to send an update. We adopted "Hershel" from you July 15th (he is now called Monte). He is still awesome and we love him so much.
We are working with different supplements and essential oils to help with his skin issues and also for his hip/arthritis issues as well. So far we have seen some improvement which is encouraging. My husband built him a ramp that leads up to his very own custom made (orthopedic) little bed which is right next to our bed - he just loves it. Jim also built a couple ramps for the outdoor stairs to make life easier for our little guy. We are still having some difficulty with grooming and car rides but we are working on those things - getting slightly better all the time. Here are a couple pics of Mr. Monte that were taken over the last couple months.

I hope you are all having a good day and week at the shelter.

Deb, Jim & Monte McCracken

Dexter all settled in on his first day at home.

Hello I am Carmine, I adopted monkey however I renamed him Buddy and he is adapting very well to his new how Buddy and I would like to thank everyone at Niagara Falls Human Society for taking care of Buddy. Buddy is so adorable and he is friendly to everyone