Success Stories

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Hi! I'm just forwarding a couple pics of Snickers (formerly known as Sailor
Moon). She's doing great and got a clean bill of health from vet :)
Thank you for all you do!!

Aka "Hershel"

Hi there. Well we have had our lil Monte for three weeks and 3 days now and it's hard to imagine life without him!

Attached is a pic taken after his first trip to the groomers. That didn't go so well, they couldn't complete the session as he was too aggressive. They did give him a little tie afterwards though! Lol. We are working out a few issues but generally he is still pretty darn awesome!

Have a great day!


Deb McCracken

It's me Suzie again.

I woke up at 4am this morning as I heard some noise. Turns out it was my forever mom giving cuddles her morning thyroid medication. I barked a little bit, and wasn't scolded because I was inside the house and only doing what any fur family member would do if there was some noise at night. Forever papa put me outside and I did what I had to do, and then went back to sleep on my blanket.

Later on, I helped Tracy with the lawn in the backyard, and Steve played ball with me.

Forgot to mention that I helped grandpa in the backyard and walked beside him out to the bird feeders,did a little running around in the yard while he did some work in the garden, and then came in side and explored in the garage while grandpa fixed a light that changes colour at night. He said that the battery needed changing.

I even went upstairs above the garage and explored up there too.

Cuddles and I are getting along okay so far, she just won't let me lay beside her as of yet, but we can go nose to nose to say hi to each other.

well I have to go for now as I would like to have a little rest on my blanket on the floor, as I've been doing lots of running so far today.

I have 4 special blankets, was 3 but now there are 4, one on the couch, one on the floor and seeing there are two bedrooms downstairs, I have a blanket on each bed too. I'm feeling spoiled and loving it!
more later
best regards
your fur friend Suzie

To Everyone at the SPCA Niagara Falls,

It's me Susie.

I've made it safe and sound to my forever home with my family up in Petawawa Ontario.

The trip was great and I enjoyed my walks on the way when we stopped for me breaks in case I had to go.

I enjoyed some food and water, on the journey also, and did some sleeping.

For the first part of our trip, my forever mom Tracy got a little nervous on a bridge crossing, so I went beside her in the front and comforted her and licked her hand. She calmed down with her panic attack thanks to my help.

When we got home, I met grandma and grandpa. It will take a day or so, but I know that I will get along just fine with them both.

I met Cuddles the 17 year old Cat. I didn't even bark at her. We just went nose to nose for a few seconds and then cuddles had enough for our first meeting.

The back yard is huge and I've been having a great time already running around the whole yard, and playing with my tennis balls with rope attached. My forever papa has been throwing it for me. I'll bring it back to him eventually, but for now, I'll run and get it, run around the yard and leave it for him to go and get to throw for me again,you see I'm already beginning to train my forever papa.

I've enjoyed goofing around on my blanket downstairs too, rolling around on my back.

I already have my forever mom wrapped around my paw, and have received a few treats already because of me being so well mannered.

As you can already see, I've made it to a very nice forever home filled with lots of love, and will be sure to keep in touch to let you know how I am doing, and will send some pics from time to time also, as I know the staff will probably miss me ,but know that I am in great hands and will be very well taken care of.

best regards,
your furry friend