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Welcome to the Niagara Falls
Humane Society

The Niagara Falls Humane Society helps find loving homes for unwanted and mistreated animals, as well as trying its best to reunite lost pets with their rightful owners.

Every year thousands of lost, abandoned, neglected and abused animals are cared at for by NFHS with respect and compassion. Our mission is to provide leadership in our community through advocacy, education and enforcement, so that all animals are appreciated and understood.

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Our Sponsors

Help the animals at the shelter by sponsoring a Cage -$25/mo or Kennel- $50/mo.

Thank you to our current sponsors:

David and Julie Bacon

Hether Deans

Heather and Dennis Goodes

Greendale Public School

Laurel Minnes

Bob and Jane Moore

Dave Thorpe

Judy Vent

Westmount School

Casino Niagara Sunrise Table Games Crew

Joe, Tanya and Bear Macoretta

The Haverkamp Family

The Loeffler Family

our sponsors
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Summer Hours

(starting July 2nd)

Monday - Sunday
10am - 5pm

Emergencies and
confined dogs


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Can you help?Can you help?

Can you help?
In need of Non coloured dry cat and dog food and canned food !

We are currently in need of non coloured dry cat/dog food as well as canned wet food ( any kind). Donations can be dropped off at the main shelter located on Chippawa Parkway or the Cat Adoption Centre in Niagara Square.

Thank you in advance ! The animals appreciate it and so do we !
Cat Litter Needed !

Cat Litter Needed !

The cats are in need of litter ( Clumping and Non Clumping) Donations can be dropped off at the Main shelter or the Cat Adoption Centre in Niagara Square.

The kitties thank you !

Merle's Foster family sends lots of love .... and his favorite toy

Merle is a recent transfer from North Carolina. He stayed with his foster family who took great care of him . Merle's toy was accidentally forgotten the night of transport and they just needed to send it to him right away ! A couple of days ago a package arrived and we took some pictures of Merle reunited with his favorite toy. Thank you so much to Abbye and her family for shipping this to him.It made him happy to play with his lamb chop again !

The Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre Charity Dinner Auction!

The Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre Charity Dinner Auction!
Important new fundraiser to help the animals

Join us for a night out as we host a live auction dinner on Friday October 21st at the Americana on Lundy's Lane. Tickets are only $25.00 each or a table of 8 for $160.00.

If you are interested in knowing more about this event or to buy tickets please contact Shannon Wood at (905) 356-4404 ext. 234 or by email at
Celebrating our Adoption Centre

Celebrating our Adoption Centre's 7th Anniversary!
For the month of October a $75 adoption fee - Cats 1 year and older

To celebrate we are having a special $75 adoption fee for the month of October This applies for cats 1 year and older (cats with already reduced adoption fees or bonded pairs do not apply).

All of our cats are :
Dewormed (if required)
Deflead (if required)
Vaccinated (1st/2nd Booster and Rabies)
6 weeks pet insurance trial
And .... ready to find a loving home !

October Fundraiser- Wild Bill

October Fundraiser- Wild Bill's Auto Repair
Kenny Hunter a kind hearted mechanic is collecting donations to help the animals !

He is collecting dog/puppy food and cat/kitten food and litter.
For the month of October Kenny is offering:

1. Oil lube and filters $25.00
2. Saftey inspection $99.95
3. Free computer scans
4. Free tire rotation
5. Free winter inspection

He is offering this in memory of his father William Robert Hunter to keep his memory alive every day in everyone's heart and to make sure that these animals have plenty of food.

These prices are only good with donations that are brought directly at time of service to wild bills auto repair 7868 oakwood Dr unit e 1 . Apointments are required 289-407-1540.

And at the beginning of November when offer is over. He will double all the donations at his cost for the animals.

This is a great deal for those who need to get the car checked out ! Thank you too Kenny for being so kind and generous.
Update from OSPCA

Update from OSPCA

Update on CVO investigation into St. Catharines Veterinarian Dr. Rehki, Skyway Animal Hospital.

The practice of veterinary medicine, and any concerns the public may have in regards to that, is regulated by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO). The legislation can be viewed on their website

An investigation was conducted by the CVO and as this was not our investigation we cannot speak to the details. However, our Affiliate, the Lincoln County Humane Society has been in touch with the CVO regarding concerns of alleged animal cruelty.

Thank You!Thank You!

Thank You!

A giant NFHS thank you goes out to Calysta who, for her 6th birthday, asked for donations for the cats! Calysta is pictured here with her sister Andrea.

Thank you, Calysta!!
Thank You!

Thank You!

A great, big thank you goes out to Kira and Lily today after they raised $51.00 at their annual street party by selling water and pop!

Thanks girls!!!
The Find Me Somebody to Love Campaign is here!

The Find Me Somebody to Love Campaign is here!
Matching Local Seniors with our Lovable Senior Pets

We've started a brand new campaign in order to match our awesome senior animals with local seniors who will love them exactly as they are. So far we are just working with cats but hope to soon be able to find loving homes for senior dogs as well. If you would like to donate to this campaign, you can either drop by the main shelter or be on the look out for our Find Me Somebody to Love donation boxes throughout the city of Niagara Falls.

To check out our available cats in the program, click on the 'Pets in Need' section of our website or find us on Facebook at
Can you help?

Can you help?

The shelter is currently in need of Martingale collars. We are looking for various sizes. We use these collars everyday and are in need of several at the moment(new or used).
Madison rocks!

Madison rocks!
Gifts for the animals

Madison collected gifts for the animals for her fifth birthday instead of gifts for herself!

Thank you Madison, you're amazing!
NO Excuses.  NO Hot Pets.

NO Excuses. NO Hot Pets.
If you find a pet unattended in a hot vehicle, call 310-SPCA (7722) in Ontario or your local police

“I left the window down for him.” “I wasn´t going to be gone long.” We´ve heard it all! The issue of owners leaving their pets in their vehicles during the hot summer months, putting animals´ safety at risk and even causing death, is an ongoing problem. There is no excuse for leaving a pet unattended in a vehicle and this summer we need your help to share this important message. #NoHotPets

See an animal unattended in a vehicle? Report it! ACT FAST. SAVE A LIFE. If you spot an unattended pet in a vehicle that appears to be suffering from heat exhaustion, do not hesitate to:

Call 310-SPCA (7722), 24/7 if in Ontario
Call your local SPCA or Humane Society
Call your local Police

No Excuses. No Hot Pets.
Thank You Keira ! Thank You Keira ! Thank You Keira !

Thank You Keira !
Happy 10th Birthday !

Keira is turning 10 on July 29th and had a early party so all of her friends could attend.

Keira decided that she would collect donations for the Humane Society instead of gifts for herself.

On June 25th Keira had a lazer tag party at Zapzone in Niagara Falls where she collected the donations.

We want to send a big furry thank you to Keira for collecting donations for the animals here at the shelter ! Great job :)
Are you running low on your Scentsy Bars?

Are you running low on your Scentsy Bars?
Scentsy to support the animals!

The shelter has some exciting news about Scentsy!! The NFHS has teamed up with Smelling Yummy With Leanne - Independent Scentsy Director and will be hosting a July Scentsy month! If you mention the Niagara Falls Humane Society when placing an order Leanne will be donating her commission from that order to the shelter. This is very generous on her part and we would love to see this Scentsy month thrive so remember this when placing your order! And don't forget about our monthly warmer draw happening at the Adoption Centre each month!

Cat Cuddlers WANTED Meow!

Cat Cuddlers WANTED Meow!
Come volunteer at the Cat Adoption Centre!!!

This is Tiny, and he wants cat cuddles meow! The Cat Adoption Centre within the Niagara Square is currently looking for cat cuddlers meow!

If you believe you are a puurrrrfect fit for this position, drop by the Adoption Centre in the Niagara Square to pick up an application or download the application off of our website at under the 'Get Involved' section.
Thank you !

Thank you !

We would like to say thank you to Jayne Douglas who kindly donated a much needed Kuranda bed !

Pictured is Toby on his Kuranda bed which are used everyday by the dogs here at the shelter.
Warm and furry donations!

Warm and furry donations!
Thank you boys and mamas!!

Missy and Nicole have been friends since grade one. They even gave birth on the same day to their beautiful boys!

Robbie and Xavier turned two in January and in lieu of birthday gifts they collected food for our shelter animals.
We need dog cages

We need dog cages
Can you help?

We are looking for gently used dog cages of all sizes. If you can help, please bring your donation to the shelter or Adoption Centre as soon as possible.

Thank you so much!

A new way to search for your lost pet

We have a brand-new section on our website called 'Stray Animals' which we are hoping will help reunite lost animals with their humans.

If you have recently lost your critter, please be sure to check it out often as it is updated daily.

For more information, please call the shelter at (905) 356-4404

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The 'Paw It Forward' Campaign is Here!

The 'Paw It Forward' campaign is currently underway at the Niagara Falls Humane Society!

Pictured here are the very first lucky recipients of this endeavor, who adopted Elf, a long-time resident at the shelter.

Elf's adoption fee was sponsored by the staff and volunteers at the Niagara Falls Humane Society, and so by 'paying it forward', the couple have offset the adoption fee of a mystery cat of their choosing. We are hoping this sets off a chain reaction of generosity!

If you would like to be a part of the 'Paw It Forward' campaign, please contact the shelter at (905) 356-4404 for more information.

<b>Kitty Curtailments!!!</b>

Kitty Curtailments!!!
Attention all crafty, animal-lovin' people!!!

The mission of Kitty Curtailments is to diminish the level of stress cats can and will experience in confined housing at the shelter.

Managing stress can mean the difference between a healthy cat and a sick cat. A simple cage curtain will help promote health among cats by giving them the privacy they need, and a sense of security as they await their forever homes.

We are looking to have people donate material towards this project. Bed sheets will also work as well. Round elastic cord, thread and 3/4 to 1" buttons will also be needed as well. All material can be dropped off at the Adoption Centre or the Shelter.

For more information please call (905) 356-4404

Coyotes in the community

Coyotes in the community

Coyotes, like other wild animals, sometimes come into conflict with humans.

Since migrating to Ontario from the west over 100 years ago, coyotes have adapted well to urban environments and can now be found in both rural and urban settings. Changes in land use, agricultural practices, weather and natural food shortages may contribute to increased coyote sightings in your community.
click here to read more about how to keep safe in an encounter with a coyote

Coyote Sighting? Click Here