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Welcome to the Niagara Falls
Humane Society

The Niagara Falls Humane Society helps find loving homes for unwanted and mistreated animals, as well as trying its best to reunite lost pets with their rightful owners.

The NFHS provides a safe haven for pets in limbo, before they are placed in a new home. The Society tries to alleviate the suffering of all animals and to eliminate euthanasia as a method of population control for pets. At the NFHS, no healthy adoptable animal will ever be euthanised.

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featured petfeatured pet our sponsors

Our Sponsors

Help the animals at the shelter by sponsoring a Cage -$25/mo or Kennel- $50/mo.

Thank you to our current sponsors:

Hope Bauer

Heather and Dennis Goodes

Krys Hamilton

Schuman Family

David and Sharon Baxter

Anik and Paul Larney

Westmount School

Matthew & Elizabeth Etherington

Lisa Maroney

Indie and Alabama

Michael R. Edwards

Robert and Annie Biggar

Bob and Jane Moore

David and Julie Bacon

Hether Deans

Laurel Minnes

Dave Thorpe

Judy Vent

our sponsors
hours of operation

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday*
10am - 4:30pm

Saturday - Sunday*
11am - 3:30pm

Emergencies and
confined dogs


*except for holidays
(holiday hours below)

hours of operation

beautiful donation

A big furry thank you to Melissa, Miya and Alex for their donation to help the animals.

The girls raised money by selling bracelets so they could purchase some gifts for the animals.

Way to go, girls, you ROCK for the animals!


What an awesome day at Pulp Comics! We had over 50 Superhero dogs, cats, ferrets and one bunny come to have their pictures taken! Please like Pulp Comics on Facebook and you can see the pictures and help vote on the winners for the 2015 Calendar! Our deepest thanks goes out to Paul Tappay for hosting this creative and exciting event that raised $726.00 for the Niagara Falls Humane Society!! We think Paul and Pulp Comics are the real Super Heroes!!!
Exciting new fundraiser!

Exciting new fundraiser!
"like" Niagara's Humane Wildlife Removal" and help the animals

Kevin at Niagara's Humane Wildlife Removal has brought us a fundraiser that starts on April 1. All you have to do is look for Niagara's Humane Wildlife Removal" page on Facebook, and "like" it! If they get 1000 likes, Kevin will donate $1000 to the shelter!

He says,“We at Niagara's Humane Wildlife Removal are setting out to raise funds for the Niagara Falls Humane Society, which is a very important organization that is often overlooked when it comes to donations. I've been working with animals from a young age because my parents taught me to respect animals and how to deal with them, laying a foundation to what would lead to me provide the Niagara Region with humane wildlife removal . We go above and beyond to make sure we provide the most humane treatment of all animals that we deal with, just as the Niagara Falls Humane Society does. We are challenging the Niagara Region. If we get 1000 LIKES on our Facebook page during the month of April we will donate $1,000.00 to Niagara Falls Humane Society. Anyone that works with animals for a living or donates their time to help animals knows it's not a job it's a lifestyle.” So like us on Facebook-Niagara's Humane Wildlife Removal-and help the shelter animals.
Thank you

Thank you
Cora's Breakfast and Lunch supporting our fundraisers

A big furry thank you to Cora's at Niagara Square! They are very supportive of the work the shelter is doing in the community and are donating gift certificates and prizes for our upcoming events.

Thank you to everyone at Cora's for caring about the animals!
Spring Flower Fundraiser

Spring Flower Fundraiser

Brighten up your Spring with beautiful hanging baskets and support the shelter!!
The Baskets will be arriving just in time for Mother's Day, a great gift for an animal lover!
Steam cleaners needed

Steam cleaners needed
Can you help?

The shelter is in need of several steam cleaners. Steam cleaning is the best way to clean cages safely and thoroughly thereby preventing disease.

If you can help, please bring your donation to the shelter or adoption centre as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Have a Heart...Donate a Bed!

Have a Heart...Donate a Bed!

Valentine´s Day is a great time to do a Bed Drive! Providing a shelter dog or cat with a comfortable bed is a meaningful and lasting gift from a sweetheart, spouse or pet lover.

Post your link and the "Valentine's" graphic on Facebook! More beds are instantly donated through Facebook followers than by any other means.

Go to and choose the Valentine graphic you´d like to post on your Facebook page, save to your computer.

Insert the picture into a Facebook post, add a comment then add your donation link code.
Coyote Information

Coyote Information
Be aware

Just a reminder that NFHS works with Coyote Watch Canada regarding the coyote population in Niagara Falls. We are a community that is committed to co-existence and we have a program through Coyote Watch Canada volunteers to help us address any issues of coyotes coming in to residential areas and keeping them at a safe distance. If you see a coyote or have a question or concern, please contact CWC directly.

24 HR HOTLINE: 905.931.2610
Report Local Coyote Sightings at:


Hmmmm wondering what to do with those redeemable bottles? Let us turn them into medications, veterinary care and food for the shelter animals!

You can drop off your empty liquor, beer, and wine bottles at the Collection Depot located at 4541 Crysler Avenue. Woof ā€œnā€ Mew collects on behalf of Empties For Animals inside their store.

You can drop off your bottles on TUESDAYS between 11am and 2pm.
Coyotes in the community

Coyotes in the community

Coyotes, like other wild animals, sometimes come into conflict with humans.

Since migrating to Ontario from the west over 100 years ago, coyotes have adapted well to urban environments and can now be found in both rural and urban settings. Changes in land use, agricultural practices, weather and natural food shortages may contribute to increased coyote sightings in your community.
click here to read more about how to keep safe in an encounter with a coyote

Coyote Sighting? Click Here